Why do people do it? back to index

These are just some of the answers we got...

  • "Because mom told me not to"
  • "Conquer fears"
  • "Prove something to myself"
  • "Witness something spectacular"
  • "An amazing, original anniversary gift!"
  • "My girlfriend wanted a birthday present to knock her off her feet!"
  • "Lost a bet - but I won myself an experience"
  • "I wanted to fly, really really fly"
  • "I decided to lose my mind"
  • "Hell it was Sunday, I was bored, possibly a little psychotic"
  • "Girls fun outing - out of a plane!"
  • "It was on my bucket list"
  • "Crazy and stupid? Sign me up!"
  • "Why? Why not?!"
  • "My friend wouldn't stop rambling about his bungee jump, so I wanted to stick it to him!"
  • "I wanted to make my boyfriend scream like his girlfriend!"