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Student Colin Campbell

Student Colin Campbell


Student Program

The First Jump Course involves a "Ground School" and 7 successful skydives 1 Tandem and 6 solos in the IAD (instructor Assisted Deployment) method. In the IAD method, you climb to an altitude of 4500' and, once you begin falling away from the aircraft, the instructor activates the parachute.

Note: The Tandem jump is not required if the student has performed a tandem jump within the last 2 years which reduces the price of the course.

The IAD jumps are performed from 4500' as the student works on body position, stability, and the pull process. If all levels are passed, the last jumpmwould be a first freefall where the student opens their own parachute!

Before each jump, the instructor works with the student to reinforce procedures learned in the first jump course and new skills that are to be demonstrating during the jump. While the skills may seem simple at first, new students will be surprised at how challenging they can be. The learning curve is, however, quite steep, and reaching the goal of performing a first free fall at the end of the course is what we strive for. After the first free fall is completed, the jumper will be amazed at how quickly they can hone their skills. proceeding past the initial course, students will be turning, flipping and diving through the air with control and confidence.

Course entails

  • 6 hour training course
  • 1 Tandem Jump*
  • 6 IADs Jumps
  • All materials required to perform the jumps


  • $899* per person. Booking requires $100 deposit
  • $699 if jumper has performed a tandem jump with us within the past 2 years

Course Dates