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Are deposits and prepaid jumps refundable? back to index

All deposits and prepays are non-refundable but can be rescheduled or transfered to another jumper. If you are unable to reschedule we encourage you to book only using the deposit option. The booking policy is in place to ensure serious bookings and to secure your spot.

Do I need to book or can i just show up? back to index

Booking ahead of time guarantees your spot in the plane. On some occasions we do have people that want to jump with their friends and were not scheduled to, for the most part we are able to accommodate, but we cannot guarantee a skydive without it being prebooked.

Who can skydive? back to index

Nowadays skydiving is available to a very wide range of people. Different size people, all ages above 16 years of age (yes, all above 16!), deaf or blind and the list goes on, however, we do have weight limitations, described below. If you have a special need or would like to inquire about such, it's always soothing to call and ask!
*If you have any special needs, orthopaedic, circulatory or other issues questions or concerns, we would require your doctor's approval to go Skydiving.

What are the weight limits for Skydiving? back to index

Our weight limits are 250lbs for men, and 220lbs for women.

When is it possible to skydive? back to index

Adventure Skydiving is open for business 7 days a week and every weekend. Booking is possible online, and on the phone. As far as the elements, the conditions needed to skydive are cloud clearance (so we can see the ground from altitude) and moderate winds (a very windy day is not as comfortable for skydiving) Tandem skydives cannot take place after the sun has set.

Do I need any training/physical fitness? back to index

For the tandem skydive no physical fitness is required other than the very basic ability to grab your legs with your hands and pull them up for landing (As if you were sitting in a chair and lifting up both your legs knees together with your hands), which is very basic. You do not need any prior knowledge. Once you arrive at the dropzone the procedure is rather simple:

  • Check in, waiver signing and weighing
  • A short 15 minute explanatory video meant to answer all of your questions and show you how the skydive takes place
  • A quick briefing with one of the staff members, And you are good to go!

What do I need to bring with me? back to index

Not much, really. Just comfortable shoes (running shoes, no platform, sandals or flip flops, basically shoes that fasten comfortable to your feet). Dress for the weather and bring your photo ID, and if in the age of 16-17 years of age you have to have parental consent as well. Prescription glasses are not a problem at all as we do have goggles that would fit over top the glasses. Make sure you feel well and have not consumed alcoholic beverages at least 8 hours prior. Also, having a large meal prior to skydiving is not recommended. You may bring cameras for ground footage, but cameras will not be allowed on the plane or during freefall, as they do tend to unpredictably turn into dangerous projectiles.

How many people can come with me? back to index

As many as you'd like. If you have a big group that skydives make sure it's coordinated with us. We have a spacious spectator area, BBQ area and even camping space. We have a pool table and dart board on location for everyone to enjoy. Feel free to bring friends and family. We do ask that kids are supervised closely (as it is an airport) and if you would like to bring your pet make sure not to forget the leash.

How many people can skydive at the same time? back to index

Our airplane can accommodate two Tandem Skydivers (two tandem students and two tandem instructors) or four single skydivers. We also have a pilot on board, if we can spare the space...

Do men have a better skydiving potential than women? back to index

Not at all. In fact, perhaps skydiving is one of the only extreme sports in which the stakes are even...entirely.

What if I have doubts/fears about skydiving? back to index

Then you're probably, normal.

Is it scary? back to index

The scariest part is the first couple of seconds in freefall. If it wouldn't be scary it wouldn't be fun, and if it wouldn't be fun we wouldn't do it! An interesting fact is that 80% of the skydivers after landing said it's not as scary as they initially thought it would be. Another more predictable fact is that 100% of the skydivers don't really believe the previous fact prior to skydiving...

What if the parachute doesn't open? back to index

We have a few back up systems in our skydiving equipment. We have a reserve parachute that is very sturdy and is meant to take heavy weights in strong G forces, we have a backup device that automatically deploys the reserve parachute when the main parachute is cut away, and we have a digital barometric pressure-sensitive automatic activation device as well. In short - Don't fear the gear! 

What if I faint in freefall? back to index

Good luck fainting in freefall while you're heart beat is racing and you're pumped on adrenaline. You will probably be the first one to do so.

Why do people do it? back to index

These are just some of the answers we got...

  • "Because mom told me not to"
  • "Conquer fears"
  • "Prove something to myself"
  • "Witness something spectacular"
  • "An amazing, original anniversary gift!"
  • "My girlfriend wanted a birthday present to knock her off her feet!"
  • "Lost a bet - but I won myself an experience"
  • "I wanted to fly, really really fly"
  • "I decided to lose my mind"
  • "Hell it was Sunday, I was bored, possibly a little psychotic"
  • "Girls fun outing - out of a plane!"
  • "It was on my bucket list"
  • "Crazy and stupid? Sign me up!"
  • "Why? Why not?!"
  • "My friend wouldn't stop rambling about his bungee jump, so I wanted to stick it to him!"
  • "I wanted to make my boyfriend scream like his girlfriend!"

Do people yell when they jump out? Can I? back to index

Sure, although chances are you will only hear yourself during the first couple of seconds. Remember, when talking to the instructor just before exit, "no" sounds very similar to "go"! Here are just a few gems we heard in our day...

  • "Mommmmmmmmiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - "
  • <gulp> "What the... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH - "
  • "Wait until I catch that sonofaaaAAAAAAAA- "
  • "I'm not a puuuusssssyyyyyyyyyyyy - "
  • "What the hell was I - "
  • " OH SH&T !!!!!!"
  • "$$%#$ $*@& #*@$$& &@$*#"

Can I bring a camera to the skydive? back to index

Cameras, cell phones, and all personal articles are not allowed in the plane due to hazards of those items turning into projectiles whilst the door is open or in freefall. The jumper should have nothing in their pockets or on their person to avoid inconveniences. We do have a spacious spectator area where family and friends could take pictures of jumper as they are coming in to land. Free fall Cameras such as GoPros are restricted to solo skydivers with over 200 jumps and Tandem Masters who have performed a minimum of 250 Tandem Skydives. GoPros that are attached to jumpers can become a snag hazard during deployment, especially reserve deployment where proper body orientation can not be guaranteed. Tandem Masters are experienced and trained to deal with snags on their person and use specially designed glove mounts that resist snags and can be easily removed.