Can I bring a camera to the skydive? back to index

Cameras, cell phones, and all personal articles are not allowed in the plane due to hazards of those items turning into projectiles whilst the door is open or in freefall. The jumper should have nothing in their pockets or on their person to avoid inconveniences. We do have a spacious spectator area where family and friends could take pictures of jumper as they are coming in to land. Free fall Cameras such as GoPros are restricted to solo skydivers with over 200 jumps and Tandem Masters who have performed a minimum of 250 Tandem Skydives. GoPros that are attached to jumpers can become a snag hazard during deployment, especially reserve deployment where proper body orientation can not be guaranteed. Tandem Masters are experienced and trained to deal with snags on their person and use specially designed glove mounts that resist snags and can be easily removed.