You Can Find Ultra-Realistic Sex Dolls – For A Very High Price

Sex dolls have been one of the most popular sex toys in the market nowadays. Despite the presence of other equally popular sex toys that have been welcomed by most adult males in their sex lives, there is no denying that sex dolls will always top every man’s list of their favorite tools for achieving sexual pleasure.

And speaking of sex dolls, did you know that there are sex dolls that look much more realistic than any other regular types of sex dolls in the market? Yes, and these awesome dolls are actually available on Doll Wives for you to order.

These sex dolls, known within the adult the market as the ultra-realistic sex dolls, are making waves in the adult market nowadays for their impressive features. But for a pretty high but reasonable price – you can avail of these special kind of dolls. Sure, the price might be intimidating, but once you get to know what features it has and what it can do, you surely won’t think twice about buying one.

So if you are now interested and wants to get one for yourself, read on to find out more.

What Makes Ultra-Realistic Sex Dolls Very Special

Sex dolls take form of the body of a human female, complete with all the human details. They are already supposed to resemble the figure of a female, because using a sex doll is the closest thing you will ever get to having sex with an actual human female partner.

Now what makes the ultra-realistic dolls so special that you can have them at a very high price? Regular sex dolls are made of materials that could pass as human parts, such as flesh, hair, and muscle. They can be adjusted according to whatever position you want with them. But then, their movements and functions are solely depending on the user.

On the other hand, ultra-realistic sex dolls are products of the advancing modern technology. Aside from the impressive materials already used in regular sex dolls as mentioned above, the ultra-realistic version contains artificial intelligence, robotics, and even human emotions – making them much more human.

With these features, using sex dolls will surely be on a whole new level – hence the very high price. So it wouldn’t be surprising if you order one for yourself on Doll Wives now as soon as you discovered what these sex dolls have now.

Made For Oral Sex: Modern Sex Dolls

There are many ways on how couples show their love to each other. Some normally gives flowers and chocolates while women love to prepare foods for their special someone. Though these really works, you can never deny the fact that having an intimate moment will always be something that men and women look forward to in a relationship. This is the reason why sex can be considered a necessity because it is really hard for anyone to fight the urge. But for those who are not yet committed, such fantasy could still happen. This is when sex dolls enter the scene.

What to Expect from Modern Sex Dolls

There are many reasons why more and more men are getting interested on having their own sex doll. In fact, you can find lots of sex dolls in the internet that will definitely capture your attention because of their beauty and sexiness. Listed below are just some of the reasons why people think of having a sex doll.

  • They want to stay away from acquiring sexually transmitted diseases.
  • They are not yet ready for commitment.
  • They don’t get satisfaction from their partner.
  • They want to do different positions. 

There is nothing wrong about using sex dolls because it is far better than having lots of partners in bed. It is also an advantage that you can find lots of these dolls with different features. If ever that you want to experience a real fellatio that you have not yet tried all your life, then a modern doll for oral sex is what you have to look for. If it is your first time to use this kind of doll, then you should follow the steps below.

  • The first thing you need to start the scene is to get a lube. Knowing that dolls don’t have saliva, it is required to use a lube to make it slippery.
  • Decide what position you want. The options can be endless because you can di whatever you want with your doll.
  • Always consider your weight and the pressure that you will exert when using your doll to avoid causing damages.
  • It can be an added pleasure if you will hold the doll with her hair.

You will never regret spending on a doll for oral sex because you will surely get satisfied every after use. After using the doll, make sure that you wash it properly and store it in a safe place.

Are Sex Dolls All The Same Quality?

Not all sex dolls are made equal. As with any other commodity, they range in prices and quality, with their price usually corresponding to their quality. Some low-priced dolls are quite simply blow-up dolls. Other dolls are simply mannequins with extra attachments.

Meanwhile, high-end love dolls, like the ones available at Doll Wives, are realistic and the cream of the crop. The best models are made from either TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or silicone. They have soft skin with a realistic texture, as well as “skeletons” that allow them to move and bend just like a real-life sex partner could.

These more-expensive, higher-quality dolls can be taken to the next level with all sorts of clothes and accessories that can be as revealing or alluring as you wish them to be. When you accessorize a high-end sex doll, you can feel that you have a true sex partner, and not a blow-up doll with holes.

What to Look For When It Comes to Quality Dolls

  • Does Price Necessarily Mean Better Quality? In a fair world, yes. However, you’ve probably found this article because even dolls with the same price point tend to vary in quality. It doesn’t necessarily follow that expensive dolls equal-quality dolls. You need to establish your needs first, and pay close attention to materials and features, to find the perfect doll fit for you.
  • Brand Name Sex Dolls Sell for More: When buying sex dolls by brand you’re not only buying by their objective quality, but also by the reputation of their manufacturer. This is the same reason that brand-name handbags sell for more than their generic counterparts.
  • How Do You Gauge Quality Outside of Price? The best signal will be whether the doll is made from TPE or silicone, and whether it has a skeleton that makes it flexible. And of course, experience will teach you which dolls have better longevity, durability, aesthetic appeal, and/or cost-effectiveness relative to their price.
  • Quality Properties of Best Sellers: Some customers equate quality with “desirability.” They might view sex dolls with bigger chests as higher-quality dolls. Others prefer dolls with bigger butts or wider “child-bearing” hips.

One important tip to remember: high-quality dolls won’t stay high-quality for long if you don’t maintain them properly. Using lube during your sessions, cleaning them thoroughly and completely, and storing them in the proper environment (check your instruction manual for details) will ensure that your high-end sex doll will be with you for many happy years to come.

How Often Does The Average American Have Sex?

Spending your time with your partner is worthwhile. You would not wish for anything but to do things usual couples do: being intimate. With just getting the right vibe and atmosphere, things can get exciting and worth the time.

Sex: How it’s Accepted

Yes, sex has been a topic adult would only understand which is very relatable to someone with sexual activity. How normal having sex is? As they say, sex binds a relationship and it’s pretty normal to have sexual activity while you’re at it. But how often do people have sex? Is it normal? How did people accept it? It depends on people.

How Often Do People Have Sex?

Some tend to be wondering about other people’s sex life, on what occasion they’ll do it, and how often. Most Americans have been thinking the same. Answering that question depends on a variety of factors. It could be on the age, relationship status, and how long, as well as the surroundings.

Scientifically, sex and health coexist. Having sex gives a better mood which lowers that rate of being depressed. Americans, based on studies, have been sexually active 54 times over a year — commonly recorded from a married couple sharing the same room.

Having sex once a week is said to maximize happiness and it feels more satisfying if you’re in a relationship. A healthy lifestyle with happy living makes people engage in the intimacy of sex. As long as it is not forced, there’s always a good thing it could offer to couples.

Talking about Americans, quality time does not mean they have sex daily. With the record of 54 times over a year, that would mean it is just over once a week. The annual sex count depends greatly on the relationship status.

  • 33 times per year – a single person with no steady partner, definitely not in a relationship
  • 86 times per year – an unmarried couple who is living with their partners
  • 75 times per year – living separately with their partners
  • 50 times per year – a married couple

Age will always play a factor with sex. It’s on stamina, and being old will do no good — well, if reality hits.

  • 78 times per year – ages 18 to 39
  • 38 times per year – ages 50 to 59
  • 25 times per year – ages 60 and above

All of these numbers are based on the survey done by the General Social Survey involving people of different age groups, relationship statuses, and lifestyles. To think that it’s an average too so who might know how often it is per couple.

What Can A Sex Doll Actually Do?

It may be considered a common knowledge nowadays to most adults like you that one of the most popular sex toys for men is none other than the sex doll. With an increasing number of sales year after year, there is no denying that sex dolls are gradually getting mainstream attraction among adult males.

However, there may be still a number of questions about sex dolls that might be too awkward or sensitive to be asked. This is why this article will help you to be more aware and knowledgeable about sex doll features, so that you will never be feel awkward and confused as to how to use it.

What is a Sex Doll?

A sex doll is a sex toy which takes the form of a life-sized doll with a figure and anatomical features of a female. The purpose of a sex doll is to serve as some sort of a substitute for a human female to be your partner in bed by the time you feel the urge to get it on.

What Makes Sex Dolls Great

Sex dolls have gained a great amount of popularity among male adults for years for a number of features they have. The first thing you would notice on a sex doll is that they have a physical appearance that greatly resembles that of an actual human female. From the face, hair, body and other parts, one could easily mistaken it for a real human being.

But what makes a sex doll stand out from other types of sex toys is the fact that using it will be the closest thing an adult male would have to an actual sex intercourse. Why? It is because of some special sex doll features that can never be seen in other sex toys.

The special feature found is the presence of certain parts found in a human female that can be used by males during sex – the mouth, vagina, and anus, or at least one of these – which can serve as penetrable areas.


Sex dolls come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and features  – just like actual human females. But aside from their physical appearances, there are other numerous features found in a sex doll that makes it a perfect substitute companion for adult males to create every steamy moments so great that they will make your problems and worries.

Why So Many Men Have A Fetish For Asian Women

When it comes to dating sites there are data to back up that more men prefer to pursue Asian women romantically. Of course, not everyone is the same with their preference for romantic partners, but computer data hold records to what their members choose the input in the site.

The question is, does this kind of preference lead to Asian fetish? The answer actually varies depending on the type of person you ask. There is a popular notion among western men that Asian women are more docile, tame, and submissive which push the fetish further. Know more about this below.

Delving Deeper Why This Fetish Occurs

Most men fantasize about having a partner who exudes submissiveness and docility. Asian fetish has been around for a long time and it shows that there are actually men who want women who are quiet and those that won’t intimidate them.

Since not all actual Asian women are docile or submissive, the market for marketing sex dolls dwelled on the fetish. This is why the rise of Asian inspired dolls have skyrocketed into popularity. Now there are men who can get these dolls without having to look for an actual Asian woman.

Is This Fetish Dangerous for Asian Women?

Many would argue that fetishizing women according to their race should not be the only basis in choosing a partner. In some cases, some defend the fetish as something harmless. Due to the popularity of sex dolls, some men choose to only exercise the fetish and be less destructive with their fantasies since they have their dolls with them.

But one shouldn’t assume that every white man who is dating an Asian woman has a fetish. Not every white man who gets attracted to an Asian woman is pushing for racial stereotyping. Love has no boundaries and people can have their own preferences.

As there is nothing wrong with actual interracial relationships, there is also nothing wrong with men who choose sex dolls over actual interactions. Human feelings and desires are very complex and you tend to look into the closest things that can fulfil those desires.

If one chooses to pursue an Asian woman, then it is okay as long as they love and respect their partner, if one chooses to go for other means to satisfy their desires there’s nothing wrong with that as well. Sex dolls have been existing for many years now and have helped a lot of people when it comes to their desires and their fantasies being brought to life.

The Best Way To Store Sex Dolls

Some people who are lonely because they are working away from their partners find solace in sex dolls. We can’t really blame them as the world is becoming too dismal to live in. At least with the sex dolls, they will be less lonely.

Sex dolls are now evolving. They are not as empty as they used to be. They can now be used in so many ways like there are even sex dolls that can be conversed to. Aside from that, they are known to be effective in replacing wives temporarily in bed as they can act like humans in some ways.

But the problem here is, just like anything else in this world, they can also get damaged if you have no idea about storing sex dolls the proper way. Here are some tips that can remedy that:

  • You have to note that sex dolls are personal property. They are designed to make you happy in your most private moments and thus, you won’t want others to get their hands to this item. This is not something that you should share after all, so make sure you can find a place where only you can access.
  • You need to make sure that there will be no elements that can damage your device. Yes, and if you will leave it in a place where microscopic elements can feed on its skin, you can just expect that in time, your playmate will get damaged, you don’t want to use it anymore.
  • The way you store your doll should not in any way interfere with the look of your room. You see, when this item will just be stored anywhere, chances are it will just add to the clutter of your room. So, see to it that is has its own place.
  • There is a proper way to store your doll and you can buy it online. You can also create one in your room if you want to. You can just check out some diy tips as for sure you will easily find one.

Yes, proper way in storing sex dolls should be practiced as after all, this item is not cheap. As a matter of fact, you can say that it costs money. So, see to it that you can enjoy it for a long time and that will be possible if you know how to take care of it.