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How Often Does The Average American Have Sex?

Spending your time with your partner is worthwhile. You would not wish for anything but to do things usual couples do: being intimate. With just getting the right vibe and atmosphere, things can get exciting and worth the time.

Sex: How it’s Accepted

Yes, sex has been a topic adult would only understand which is very relatable to someone with sexual activity. How normal having sex is? As they say, sex binds a relationship and it’s pretty normal to have sexual activity while you’re at it. But how often do people have sex? Is it normal? How did people accept it? It depends on people.

How Often Do People Have Sex?

Some tend to be wondering about other people’s sex life, on what occasion they’ll do it, and how often. Most Americans have been thinking the same. Answering that question depends on a variety of factors. It could be on the age, relationship status, and how long, as well as the surroundings.

Scientifically, sex and health coexist. Having sex gives a better mood which lowers that rate of being depressed. Americans, based on studies, have been sexually active 54 times over a year — commonly recorded from a married couple sharing the same room.

Having sex once a week is said to maximize happiness and it feels more satisfying if you’re in a relationship. A healthy lifestyle with happy living makes people engage in the intimacy of sex. As long as it is not forced, there’s always a good thing it could offer to couples.

Talking about Americans, quality time does not mean they have sex daily. With the record of 54 times over a year, that would mean it is just over once a week. The annual sex count depends greatly on the relationship status.

  • 33 times per year – a single person with no steady partner, definitely not in a relationship
  • 86 times per year – an unmarried couple who is living with their partners
  • 75 times per year – living separately with their partners
  • 50 times per year – a married couple

Age will always play a factor with sex. It’s on stamina, and being old will do no good — well, if reality hits.

  • 78 times per year – ages 18 to 39
  • 38 times per year – ages 50 to 59
  • 25 times per year – ages 60 and above

All of these numbers are based on the survey done by the General Social Survey involving people of different age groups, relationship statuses, and lifestyles. To think that it’s an average too so who might know how often it is per couple.