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Why So Many Men Have A Fetish For Asian Women

When it comes to dating sites there are data to back up that more men prefer to pursue Asian women romantically. Of course, not everyone is the same with their preference for romantic partners, but computer data hold records to what their members choose the input in the site.

The question is, does this kind of preference lead to Asian fetish? The answer actually varies depending on the type of person you ask. There is a popular notion among western men that Asian women are more docile, tame, and submissive which push the fetish further. Know more about this below.

Delving Deeper Why This Fetish Occurs

Most men fantasize about having a partner who exudes submissiveness and docility. Asian fetish has been around for a long time and it shows that there are actually men who want women who are quiet and those that won’t intimidate them.

Since not all actual Asian women are docile or submissive, the market for marketing sex dolls dwelled on the fetish. This is why the rise of Asian inspired dolls have skyrocketed into popularity. Now there are men who can get these dolls without having to look for an actual Asian woman.

Is This Fetish Dangerous for Asian Women?

Many would argue that fetishizing women according to their race should not be the only basis in choosing a partner. In some cases, some defend the fetish as something harmless. Due to the popularity of sex dolls, some men choose to only exercise the fetish and be less destructive with their fantasies since they have their dolls with them.

But one shouldn’t assume that every white man who is dating an Asian woman has a fetish. Not every white man who gets attracted to an Asian woman is pushing for racial stereotyping. Love has no boundaries and people can have their own preferences.

As there is nothing wrong with actual interracial relationships, there is also nothing wrong with men who choose sex dolls over actual interactions. Human feelings and desires are very complex and you tend to look into the closest things that can fulfil those desires.

If one chooses to pursue an Asian woman, then it is okay as long as they love and respect their partner, if one chooses to go for other means to satisfy their desires there’s nothing wrong with that as well. Sex dolls have been existing for many years now and have helped a lot of people when it comes to their desires and their fantasies being brought to life.