About JSC

Jump Street Youth Club (JSC) has been guiding youth to live a more responsible and meaningful life that will greatly benefit their sexual, spiritual and mental health. Today’s technology has provided easier accessibility for teenagers and young adults to very mature topics that can get overwhelming. That is why it is our organization’s duty to make sure they are properly guided and they are provided with the right types of information.

We are an independent, grassroots sexuality and relationships education media and support organization and website. We advocate fair gender equality with a big emphasis on equality and we also protect LGBTQ rights especially on the youth who are just discovering their true sexual identity.

Our goal is to guide youth to a healthy, happy life that is free of any of the toxic culture that has plagued our society for years. Today we have built a great online following especially on social media, so make sure you engage with our online activities there as well and interact with a very open-minded yet very discerning and discreet community.