Are Sex Dolls All The Same Quality?

Not all sex dolls are made equal. As with any other commodity, they range in prices and quality, with their price usually corresponding to their quality. Some low-priced dolls are quite simply blow-up dolls. Other dolls are simply mannequins with extra attachments.

Meanwhile, high-end love dolls, like the ones available at Doll Wives, are realistic and the cream of the crop. The best models are made from either TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or silicone. They have soft skin with a realistic texture, as well as “skeletons” that allow them to move and bend just like a real-life sex partner could.

These more-expensive, higher-quality dolls can be taken to the next level with all sorts of clothes and accessories that can be as revealing or alluring as you wish them to be. When you accessorize a high-end sex doll, you can feel that you have a true sex partner, and not a blow-up doll with holes.

What to Look For When It Comes to Quality Dolls

  • Does Price Necessarily Mean Better Quality? In a fair world, yes. However, you’ve probably found this article because even dolls with the same price point tend to vary in quality. It doesn’t necessarily follow that expensive dolls equal-quality dolls. You need to establish your needs first, and pay close attention to materials and features, to find the perfect doll fit for you.
  • Brand Name Sex Dolls Sell for More: When buying sex dolls by brand you’re not only buying by their objective quality, but also by the reputation of their manufacturer. This is the same reason that brand-name handbags sell for more than their generic counterparts.
  • How Do You Gauge Quality Outside of Price? The best signal will be whether the doll is made from TPE or silicone, and whether it has a skeleton that makes it flexible. And of course, experience will teach you which dolls have better longevity, durability, aesthetic appeal, and/or cost-effectiveness relative to their price.
  • Quality Properties of Best Sellers: Some customers equate quality with “desirability.” They might view sex dolls with bigger chests as higher-quality dolls. Others prefer dolls with bigger butts or wider “child-bearing” hips.

One important tip to remember: high-quality dolls won’t stay high-quality for long if you don’t maintain them properly. Using lube during your sessions, cleaning them thoroughly and completely, and storing them in the proper environment (check your instruction manual for details) will ensure that your high-end sex doll will be with you for many happy years to come.